How to really whiten your teeth by a PRO!

We love a whiter tan white cheeky smile, but how do you really get that when you love COFFEE as much as we do. Or the odd glass of very red vino? It's life, we want to enjoy it. We also want to hear that 'Ching' sound every time our pealers make an appearance :)

We have all seen the home whitening kits at the local super market sitting around the $20-30 mark claiming whiter teeth in just 2-3 sessions. But do they really work and what is the difference between $80 'professional' whitening versus $349 'professional' whitening? Aren't all professional whitening the same?

We seeked council from one of Victoria's most sort after and experienced dental technician of 16 years, Daniella from Mobile Teeth Whitening Melbourne. She literally came to our home and performed this under 1 hour treatment and in the breaks of when our mouths were relaxing under the magical blue light, we drilled her with all our pressing questions on the utopian white smile:

How does this actually work, is there an active ingredient that makes the magic happen?

Yes, it's the hydrogen peroxide. 

What makes a product 'professional use' versus at 'home'?

2 things. It's the % of the hydrogen peroxide.

37.5% is professional use and all the others are between 3%-6%.

Only certified professional dental nurses and dentist are allowed to purchase the 37.5%. 

Do the supermarket teeth whitening work?

As they are only between 3%-6%, they ultimately just create dehydration on your teeth which is what gives the appearance of whiteness. This is ok if you do it not very often and the results will be fairly subtle. 

Are the Beauty Salon/Clinic in chair services as effective as going to the dentist?

No. Unless the technician is a certified dental nurse, they will not have legal access to the 37.5% hydrogen peroxide. Most beauticians do an online course which teaches them application, but the active ingredient cannot be applied, so you are getting the same results as a supermarket product. 

Ok, mind blown. So pricing wise, what are we looking at?

Supermarket products are about $30 and are the 3%-6% hydrogen peroxide. 

Beauty salons/clinics are now offering this service, but again most of the techinicians are not dental nurses and therefore, they too will be offering the 3%-6% active ingredient. Their prices range about $80-$200.

In dental chair services performed by dental nurses and dentist use the 37.5% active and they range around $400-600. You usually get about 4 shades lighter in one session. 

What is your pricing?

I charge $349 per person & that includes me coming to you (within Melbourne & surrounding suburbs), using the 37.5% active & achieving around 4-5 shades lighter in the one session. Some people like to have a top up in the first 6 week (not before 4 weeks) to increase the longevity of the whitening.

 I offer couple & group packages too & the price can go down to $250 per person depending on how many people. 

I also provide a free at home care package that you can take with you when travelling. 

How long does it take?

Give yourself an hour, but it's around a 45 minute session.  




You can book Daniella online 

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Book as a couple or maximum group of 4 and pricing can go down to $250.

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