My Julie is a self-care community for people of all ages to rebelliously & unapologetically rediscover & celebrate who they are

As the home of no-nonsense self-care & people getting real, we’re shaking off the superficial and finding our power to self care our way to real WELLNESS & HAPPINESS.

Who is Julie? Julie is self-assured. Julie is passionate. Julie is beautiful inside and out.

She’s your best friend, your mum, your sister, your mentor and she’s in your corner because she’s your Julie, she’s you.  

Looking beyond what’s skin deep, it’s a community-driven store sourcing new, unique and hard-to-find skincare, self-care and wellness products that are all worthy of your precious time.

We promise.

Here you’ll discover goods by emerging local creators and innovators, alongside My Julie’s own exclusive signature line (coming soon). We choose to collaborate with people who have that indefinable entrepreneurial spark, who have been places, seen things, lived another life; and who now want to put a piece of themselves out into the world to make your life better. Whether it’s a side hustle, life goal or pure creative outlet for these makers, the only real criteria for goods to be showcased by My Julie is that they are indeed good.

Digging deeper, My Julie is also nurturing a growing community of people who live boldly, live vibrantly and live their own way. It’s also welcoming to those are striving to find their own way to do so. The Village is for those of us who refuse to be invisible or sidelined, and who are surviving and thriving through the ebbs and flows of modern life.

Taboo? Says who?

The Village encourages us to elevate one another as we share our diverse experiences of navigating the world everyday. Ditch that filter. This is a place to find like-minded friends, sisters, mentors & collaborators who have been there, done that. It’s a place to connect with your very own “Julie”. It’s time we get real and share our wisdom, and our successes - and failures - around beauty, holistic health, home, relationships, sexuality, careers, identity and ageing. Here is where we figure out how to define ourselves for ourselves, never anyone else. The Village of My Julie is a safe place to find connection and guidance – not to mention a whole lot of laughter - as we make our way. It’s like our best friend, mentor and alter ego all rolled into one.

Around here, it can get a little messy, but it’s always authentic. We can’t wait to welcome you.


Your Julie