45 things i learnt by 45

Today l turn 45 and ?

Here’s 45 things l have learnt.

  1. The greatest love story you will ever have is with yourself
  2. Daydreaming is now called manifesting. You were best at it as kid and a teenager. Find that audacity and go for it again. You’re only half way.
  3. Your parents are wrong a lot and it’s ok. They are not super human. They hurt more than you give them credit for. Be gentler on them.
  4. Being a parent is really really hard and in exact equal measure, the best. Exact.
  5. Admitting being wrong is a super power
  6. Saying sorry first is a flex
  7. Saying l love you everyday is not that hard after all
  8. Hugging for 10 seconds straight takes away the sting
  9. Good coffee is made with Synesso Professional machines
  10. Knowing the maitre d is always a good thing
  11. Come to peace with knowing that your body will NEVER be the same after being pregnant 40+ weeks
  12. Your kids may not look like you, but they are you in many other ways
  13. Aging is a privilege
  14. 40+ women are stunning, especially the wrinkles
  15. Starting anti-wrinkle injections after turning 40 was clever. Stopping on your 45th is brave. Start again when you want, not because it is accessible.
  16. When he told you that you were ugly, he meant that he felt ugly. All personal insults are a reflection on those who deliver them.
  17. When he told you that you are a chameleon and that everything suits you, he was right. All compliments reflect those that deliver them.
  18. When they ask you for advice, stop and feel gratitude that you can.
  19. Good skin is sexy
  20. Never EVER say ‘you DON'T ask a woman her age’ – this is an insult to yourself and ALL the women around you.
  21. Wax your nostril hairs, it's life changing.
  22. You will never remember the people you went to primary school.
  23. You will always remember the people you went to high school with.
  24. You will remember a handful of people you went to both Universities with.
  25. The people you work with in your 20’s become surrogate family
  26. True friendships made in your adult life are the most delicious. Those ones you actually want.
  27. 30+ year friendships are IV Drips to your soul
  28. No colour on the colour wheel washes you out. You are a chameleon.
  29. Holidays are better than parties to celebrate any occasion
  30. Dinner parties should not exceed 5 people
  31. Always take care of your single friends
  32. Married people are still nice people (lol)
  33. Being twice divorced (could have been 5 at least) is your super power. It's ok that men want to marry you. You are a chameleon.
  34. Wisdom is sexy
  35. Having siblings is a privilege
  36. Cousins that you like is a flex
  37. Being physically strong is very helpful – never stop working out
  38. Food is your friend. Love the ones that are green, earthy and in abundance. The others, you can have them when in season. Never go without.
  39. Dating in your 40’s is the best dating decade ever. It’s the mix of the butterflies of your teenage years, with the wisdom of 4 decades. Bingo.
  40. Your daughters laugh is medicine.
  41. Your job is important
  42. Taking care of others is necessary
  43. Generational trauma is real
  44. Weather does change your mood
  45. You are beautiful

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